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Terzakis & Associates

Terzakis & Associates


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Terzakis & Associates is small business consulting firm that believes entrepreneurs are promoters for creating positive change in our communities. 

Because of this, we believe it is the duty of small business leaders to play a bigger game in service to others and to create a truly lasting legacy by advising and coaching our clients to multiply their market reach with authenticity and integrity.  

We help them live out their life’s purpose and realize their fullest potential all while achieving their personal dreams and financial aspirations. 

How We Got Started

“There is nothing small when it comes to small business.™
In fact, we believe small business is the life-blood of our communities.

As a child I watched and learned first-hand how true this can be.
Faced with supporting our family after divorce, my resilient mother refused to be defined by her circumstances. 

Back then, women had very few options readily available to them, which is why this has become such a long standing lesson for me.

Mom, along with her sisters, purchased a restaurant and successfully supported their families. I watched her, wide-eyed over the years and I took it all in.
Her why was never in question. 

She wanted the means to support her family. I loved that she had achieved genuine independence via small business ownership! 

Beneath it all, though, she always understood there was a need to know how the business 101 “stuff” was being address and “how” to stay on top of it!
This is how we do it too.

Who we partner with...
Although we create amazing successes with all sorts of small businesses, we also readily recognize that the subject matter expert space is where we and our clients really shine. 

Who are these Experts?
Consultants, coaches, executive coaches, health coaches, thought leaders, authors, speakers, trainers, seminar leaders, online course-creators, brokers/realtors and voice/visionaries who have specific knowledge or an inspirational message to share with the world and are looking to make money from their advice, coaching, content, or books.

Truth be told...
Our best clients are those who want to help others and impact their community. They’re hungry for information, connection, and expertly crafted strategy and tactic for their business growth.

We advise them how to hone that message, share it productively, create programs and passive income to monetize that message through online and offline revenue models, and then finally, craft a bankable personal brand.



Susan Terzakis

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