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Resilient Buildings Group

Resilient Buildings Group


Consulting Energy


We are mission driven

not product driven. We take a comprehensive approach to your project. We provide customized consulting services to reduce your energy costs, improve the comfort and durability of your building, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. As a third-party we do not endorse specific products or services. We are mission driven to find comprehensive, integrated, cost-effective solutions for each client and each building.

Our clients call us about their high energy bills, comfort or air quality issues, mechanical equipment problems, new technologies, renewable energy systems, and assistance finding financial incentives. Most of the buildings we work in are 10,000-250,000 square feet of space and project costs often range between $300,000 – $5 million.

We work in retail and office buildings, multifamily buildings, health clubs, schools and municipal buildings, heated warehouses and manufacturing facilities, some very unique buildings, and some very ordinary buildings. Whether your building is on the Historic Register or is about to be built, we can help you make it perform better. 

We collaborate with some of the best building professionals in the region. We are happy to work with your team to optimize your project – costs, schedule, products, innovative solutions – or we can help select a team that matches your needs and is appropriate for your project.


Dana Nute

Donna Baker
Office Manager

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