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David Juvet, 25-year policy leader at BIA, to retire this fall

David Juvet, 25-year policy leader at BIA, to retire this fall

CONCORD — David Juvet, senior vice president of public policy for the Business & Industry Association, announced he will retire this fall after 25 years with New Hampshire’s statewide chamber of commerce.

Juvet is responsible for implementing and guiding BIA’s legislative and public policy agenda and is a trusted go-to source for many of BIA’s nearly 400 members, who employ over 100,000 people throughout the state. Juvet is the staff liaison to BIA’s Economic Development and Fiscal Policy Committee and the HR/Health Care/Workforce Development Policy Committee overseeing critical legislative developments over three different decades for the state’s largest nonpartisan business advocate.

Susannah Chance, senior vice president of human resources for Work Opportunities Unlimited, chairs the HR/Health Care/Workforce Development Policy Committee and has worked closely with Juvet for several years.

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Dave as he has provided leadership and support,” said Chance, who is a member of BIA’s Executive Board. “Dave’s style is very collaborative, bringing in different perspectives to help the committee learn and make decisions. He makes everyone feel welcome. His friendliness and sense of humor will be greatly missed.”

Juvet lists a handful of the most important legislation he collaborated on with lawmakers, BIA members and other business and nonprofit leaders. They include reinstatement of the research and development tax credit in New Hampshire, establishment of the Housing Appeals Board during the state’s prolonged housing shortage, the updating and modernizing of New Hampshire’s LLC and corporation statutes, and both the establishment of expanded Medicaid and its reauthorization last year. There are countless other legislative priorities on which he led BIA’s advocacy efforts as well.

Juvet is quick to point out that in each case success was often a group effort.

Stephen Lawlor, principal with Nathan Wechsler, a full-service accounting and tax firm, has worked side by side with Juvet on BIA’s Economic Development and Fiscal Policy Committee, which tackles some of the most complex and potentially impactful legislation.

“Dave always has an excellent understanding of the goings on at the State House as well bills the committee would be interested in,” said Lawlor, who also serves as treasurer of BIA’s Board of Directors. “As issues with the State House can be complex, Dave always explains them so the committee understands and adds a little levity to keep it interesting. Good luck, Dave, in your retirement. You will be missed, my friend.”

Andrea Chatfield, Esq., an attorney with Sheehan Phinney, has collaborated with Juvet as vice chair of BIA’s HR/Health Care/Workforce Development Policy Committee. Each session, the committee sorts through often challenging bills that can positively, or negatively, impact New Hampshire employers. Juvet’s knowledge about the legislative process is vast, but his calm, inclusive and respectful demeanor equally stands out.

“Dave is a master of the impossible — not only is he incredibly knowledgeable of the New Hampshire legislative process, but he is respected and genuinely liked by members of both political parties in the Legislature, and among the various state agencies,” Chatfield said.

Chatfield points out that Juvet’s long-time work in guiding the committee is a vital part of BIA’s public policy activities and adds it’s how she was introduced to legislative advocacy.

“Dave and I have collaborated in advocating for New Hampshire’s employers on many workplace legislative bills and I have relied on his guidance numerous times,” she said. “Dave knows how to connect with people in meaningful and genuine ways — and he tells the best stories! I consider him a friend and colleague whom I will miss greatly.”

Michael Skelton, President & CEO of the BIA, noted the significant and long-lasting impact Dave’s legacy will have on New Hampshire’s business community.

“Dave’s 25 years of service as the top policy person for the BIA means he has guided and shaped thousands of pieces of legislation impacting employers of every shape, size and industry sector across New Hampshire,” Skelton said. “He has spearheaded countless successful efforts to adopt policies that have helped our member businesses grow and succeed. His legacy of successful advocacy for pro-business policies will be felt for decades to come and the BIA is incredibly grateful for his long-time service and leadership.”

Following the 2024 legislative session, the BIA will announce its plans for hiring new staff for the BIA public policy team.

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